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Bill, Karen, Dave an

Bill, Karen, Dave and Allie,Your post supports the adage we never truly unadnsterd how much our parents love us until we have children of our own. I too found this guest post incredibly moving. To watch your own child hurt, celebrate, hope and pray is a given when you have children, but to watch your child hurt, celebrate, hope and pray for the birth, loss and love of their own children must be excruciating and rewarding all at the same time. To know that you raised a daughter with an unwavering optimism based on faith, the wisdom to choose just the right husband, and the courage to love with all her heart, without anything in return must be incredible. To watch her husband love her, love your granddaughters and honor you in doing so, must make your heart swell with pride. Their strength comes from all of you- both Allie and Dave's families and we are lucky to witness it all. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the NICU and your lives. We cherish the observations and sharing. We are all looking forward to the milestones to come and the remember when as Jada grows into the little girl, young lady and woman she is intended to be.Lovingly,


Added on March 24, 2014
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