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It is inspiring and

It is inspiring and cenalhngilg to read your very real stories of encounters with people as you spend the day with Jesus. It makes me feel not so alone in the daunting mission of reaching out in my neighborhood.Our neighborhood is considered by some as the ghetto of Durham, NC. We regularly hear gunshots, oftentimes not far from our apartment, and there is some kind of intimidating spirit that makes me want to stay off the streets, hole up, and lock my doors.Walking on our street, there is always some sort of personal encounter drug dealers staring at your from their porch with a threatening look, young people roaming and looking like they're up to no good, or some lonely older woman sitting on her porch in a cookie cutter' government subsidized duplex, who greets you with refreshing warmth.Today someone from Greater Emmanuel Temple of Grace approached us and timidly, almost apologetically, invited us to his church and handed us a business card. He mentioned their prayer ministry among other ministries, and I immediately asked him to pray for us. I was feeling somewhat desperate and alone in some struggles.Surprised, he looked around for one of his church teammates to help him out, as if he was in over his head. But then he stepped up to the plate, took our hands, and prayed for us. We were blessed by his reaching out to us. We want to be a blessing too.


Added on March 23, 2014
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