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I read your new book

I read your new book with great interest as you were a mebemr of the first team that I lead as a paid leader . While engaging the material from a practical/theoretical basis, I must confess that both nostalgia and apprehension were distractions. Nostalgia because those years hold so many precious memories and relationships for me (you and Jill included), apprehension because I am aware of my many shortcomings as a leader and wondered how many things you would have learned from my mistakes! In getting over myself, however, I have found a resource that I plan on using with my current team here at Trinity Western University. This book is an excellent distillation of leadership concepts that will foster excellent discussion aided by the questions provided, and sharpen our focus as leaders. In the end, I'm happy if you were able to learn from my mistakes!


Added on March 24, 2014
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