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cousin Barbara Jones Dzamesi.

Kenny was always special to me, he lived with my family when we were young and was like another big brother. He fought a long and brave battle all his life. I hope he has found some peace. See you and Phil someday.


Added on March 26, 2014
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I remember playing baseball with Kenny in Butte & he living in the front house at Gram Jones & on Wall St. He was a good man that served his nation & his family. He was always willing to help me if I asked. He struggled for years with his health but managed to live through many trials & troubles. Please in Peace. Rich Jones


Added on March 17, 2014
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Judith Nelson (sister)

Ken was the oldest of 8. My big brother. He & Phil, who died March 9, 2012 did so much to help raise us. Early days at Anderson Street are fond memories. He was a fantastic ice skater. The girls always gathered round him at the rink. In fact he played several sports & was a "natural athlete", a "coaches dream" dad used to say. He was a vetern of VietNam, Staff Sgt infantry, survivor of Tet offensive. A "ground pounder". Awarded purple heart, 2 bronze stars. His wife Kris, son Jordan, family & friends will all miss him. He was loved. We salute you SSGT White. At ease soldier. Rest in Peace.

Judith Nelson

Bremerton, WA · Added on March 17, 2014
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