Lindsey Christopher Sweatt Lindsey Christopher Sweatt Memorial

Born: January 15, 1946 in Dayton, Ohio, USA
Died: March 18, 2014 in Dayton, Ohio, USA

Lindsey C Sweatt

Lindsey C. Sweatt was born January 15, 1946 in Dayton, Oh at Good Samaritan hospital. Lindsey was the father of five children, he resided in his home town Dayton, Oh dedicating his hard work to the Dayton Pepsi plant for over 55 years. Lindsey was a successful mechanical engineer at Pepsi. Lindsey was married to Janet Sweatt, whom loved him very dearly. Lindsey was a good samaritan of the local community, he helped raised thousands of dollars to the local children's foundation in Dayton, Oh. Sweatt worked hard to keep his community happy, and in good standing with the city of Dayton. Sweatt was also loved so much by his grandchildren of 10. Lindsey came from a huge family, that are very supportive of Sweatt's foundation. The Sweatt family has expressed their wishes, and gratutity to the Local City with filled appreciation, and love; The Sweatt family has also asked that the City of Dayton that grew a relationship with Lindsey Sweatt comes out and show support to his private services that will be held on Saturday March 22, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. The Patterson Park church has asked that you show respect, and privacy to the deceased, and the deceased family members. This is a private service, and the church will not disclose any information to the public, that does not have any relation to the deceased. The Sweatt family is also asking that you keep their family in their prayers, as their family grieves, and mourn the passing of their loved one Lindsey C. Sweatt.

Terry Sweatt on April 05, 2014