Memory Book

So sorry to learn of Alsace's passing. I really enjoyed our time at the soccer games Always a smile and humor to go with it. Nothing could get her down, always a positive attitude. I believe she lived life to the fullest and her love for her family was very obvious. Her voice was always soft spoken and sweet. She will be greatly missed..prayers for your family as God walks you through this time in your lives.
Donna McGowen


Added on August 10, 2014
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Grace & John Rentiers

I/we shall miss Alsace greatly!! Our friendship started when our pre-school little girls were toddling along the sidelines of their older brother's soccer games being coached by their fathers. As jobs & life took our families to other SC cities, we seemed to follow each other and remained in contact, doing things and sharing the growth of our families. Although illness and the "C" word entered your life, you remained positive and strong, a real beautiful woman to be like and be with! Thankfully you had a super husband and loving children with you along this journey! I and my family will never forget you Alsace. We know you are smiling, as you always did, down from heaven, for you know the JOY of being with God and Jesus. We love you and your family! Praying that God is comforting the Soule family and all who miss her. God Bless!!

Grace Rentiers

Added on August 08, 2014
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Kathleen Fletcher Appleby

So sorry to read of Alsace's passing. Fond memories of your days in Huntington Woods with Emily and Dawn playing.

kathleen appleby

Added on August 06, 2014
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