Mary Thorson Shaw Mary Thorson Shaw Memorial

Born: May 07, 1957 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: September 22, 2016 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Thorson Shaw 1957 - 2016

 Mary Ruth Thorson Weaver Shaw passed away on September 22, 2016 from colon cancer.

Mary was an only child and estranged from her family.  She was born in Altoona, PA May 07, 1957.  She leaves no surviving relations that she acknowledged.  Her closest friends were and always will be her family. 

In 2001 Mary suffered the loss of everything she owned, during a fire in her apartment complex.  She had a hard life, but managed to find the time and energy to support and volunteer as an activist, advocate and supporter of countless groups.  She was Regional Coordinator for Amnesty International for many years, and fought for the civil rights of many that were wrongfully imprisoned. 

Mary was an exceptional writer submitting well thought out articles to many local newspapers about the struggles of the downtrodden and the helpless. She always searched for solutions and actions that she could take to make the world a better place.  She rallied against violence and women’s abuse issues as well as gun violence.  Her heart was huge, and her soul was kind.

Mary will be remembered by many of us as an exceptional technical writer, columnist, project manager, business analyst by day, enthusiast and activist for human rights by night and in her spare time.  Also an avid blogger of Meatless Mediterranean and a staunch advocate for countless groups including the civil rights campaigns, LGBT community rights, racial injustice and for anyone that was in a position of being downtrodden by the establishment of individuals.

She was a member of the Mensa Society, a member of Arcadia University Alumni, the ACLU, and many other organizations that help protect those that need protecting.

If you would like to make a donation in her name, please give to the following places your time or a financial donation would be most appopriate::

Amnesty International

Laurel House (A Women’s and Children’s Shelter near where Mary lived)

Or donate to a local women’s shelter near you.

Notices may be sent to: Mary T. Shaw Estate, PO Box 161, Green Lane, PA 18054-0161

Philadelphia Cremation Society on September 23, 2016