Memory Book

Dear Danny,

I am so proud of you.

You are all I ever wanted in a son.

You are sweet hearted, compassionate, honest and respectful. You believed in yourself and always did your best at everything you did. I noticed all your accomplishments.

Oh, sometimes I put pressure on you, told you how you should do this or that. You respectfully listened, considered my advice…. and then… did it your way. We loved our time together playing golf, discussing and drinking fine wine or sharing a bushel of hard crabs with family.

I am proud to describe you as an individualist, a feminist, a realist and a humanist. You understood at your deepest level that we are one with the Universal Mind …and All That Is. You were never timid to express your views in your calm and logical way, but kept an open mind and believed that everyone’s ideas should be considered and respected. If anyone spoke unkind words about another, you were first to speak up in their defense Above all, you were always true to yourself.

You learned by watching those you loved:

Your Father gave you the love of skiing, gourmet cooking, track and cross country running and poetry. You followed his path to University of Maryland and joined his fraternity. He loved you very much and you returned that love many times by giving of yourself unselfishly in his time of need.

Your Grandfather Tuttle gave you the love of deep sea and surf fishing. You learned early on to accept that the fish would rarely cooperate but, never matter, you bonded over the shared experience and time spent together. You later found a passion for fly fishing, enjoying the solitude and beauty it offered.

Your Grandpa Pepersack gave you the love of planning, designing and creating. Together you designed and built everything from a small bench to Sunfish. You christened your hand crafted boat and launched it in the Chesapeake. I seem to remember there were some issues with it staying afloat. No matter, you and your Grandpa collaborated on many projects and treasured your time together.

Your Grandma will be 99 this month. You were her first and cherished grandchild. Her heart is broken, but wants you to know that she will try to be strong.

You didn’t have many years with Carol’s dad, Dave, but he became your friend and you shared his unconditional love for his daughter. You can take comfort in knowing that Carol’s mom, Ann and sister Debbie will be present, as always, to offer help and support.

Your Stepfather, Pete was both your life coach and business coach.

Your Stepbrothers, Peter and Dan learned from you the finer points of becoming a man.

Your Sister, Cari has been with you since the beginning of time. Words are lost to describe just how deeply you love her. But, we know. You share a connection only mystics can try to understand.

Some say that there is no such thing as coincidences, that luck only happens by being prepared when opportunity presents itself. You were ready when Carol (the love of your life) decided, with some pressure from her roommates, to take a break from her medical school books, and walked into your life at your neighborhood Fells Point bar.

Do you remember the mother’s day card you gave me the month before your wedding?
You made it clear who was about to become the most important person in your life……you wrote:
“With love and respect to the most important person in my life….at least until May 31st”

Right now, it’s so hard to imagine how I will go on without you.
But, strength will come knowing you live in my memories…
….and that you will continue in our precious Lachlan and Eloise.

I am so proud of you.



If you find me not within you
You will never find me
For I have been with you
From the beginning of me.

Persian Poet: Rumi

joan McGill

Added on November 14, 2017
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Our memory of Dan is of an extraordinary human being.

The way he approached family life; always willing to listen to friends; and when appropriate, willing to offer genuine and heartfelt advice. It was clear to us that family was his greatest motivation. Whether the adventure was near or far, Dan was always ready. His day filled with trips to the park, managing the plot around the corner, cooking a healthy meal, or making the time to go out with his beloved Carol and, every now and then, planning surprising vacations. His generosity and patience were remarkable, as countless times we asked for help at the last minute. He offered a helping hand without reproach, without giving too much thought or commentary to our scheduling foibles. He was truly a patient and caring friend.

Modesto, Julie, Sebastian and Modesto A


Added on November 03, 2017
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Kimberly Pepersack Weller

When we were little, my sister and brother, Lisa and Rick, were best friends with our cousins, Danny and Cari. We spent a whole lot of time together, especially at Grandma and Grandpa's. We were all a bit pudgy from all of the baked goods in the house, dirty from the basement workshop, and tired from playing. Danny was funny, kind, and easy. I sense that he was the same as an adult. His laugh was unique, not sure I can imitate it. I needed some design world advice recently from "Dan" (hard for me to call him that) and am glad that I was able to reconnect, if only briefly, to catch up. I regret that we haven't seen one another enough, but will cherish the memories of our childhood always, as we were very important to one another. His passing at so young an age is so sad, and I am so sorry for his beautiful family's loss.

Kimberly Weller

Added on November 02, 2017
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I met Dan a little over 3 years ago when I moved back to Philadelphia and first started coaching with Palumbo Soccer Club. Dan's son, Lachlan, was on my 1st team at the Club, and I quickly became friends and gained admiration for Dan, as he encouraged his son to play and enjoy the sport. He was always very supportive of Lachlan's efforts to improve as a player, and I got the sense he gave a great balance between commitment and fun. As the years went on, Dan selflessly volunteered his time to Palumbo, becoming both a Board Member and Treasurer. As we grew quickly in size, Dan never complained about the increase in workload and always got everything done on time. He was a rock of our organization, helped us grow, and for me was also a great sounding board for advice and opinions (very realistic and methodical, looking at issues from all sides). Dan will be greatly missed, not just by Palumbo, but by me as a friend. Rest in peace Dan, thanks for everything. Dean Costalas

Dean Costalas

Added on November 01, 2017
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Sharing Life and a Song - Back in the Day

When I think about Danny, I remember the way his smile always lit up the room and how his soft blue eyes mirrored his kind and gentle nature. I fondly recall sitting in the Pepersack living room in Cockeysville singing a few full-throated verses of "Babe" (the Styx version; he was too young to embrace Sonny and Cher) with Danny. He was a teenager then and not yet too cool to join his Mom and Dad's friend in song. We were stars in our own minds co-mingling equal amounts of fledgling talent and a need to let the vocals rip. We had such fun engaging in such a simple pleasure. Danny made it special. Danny made it better.  

As time passed Danny became Dan, a loving husband and father. His love and exuberance for life evolved into a momentous gift he shared brilliantly and lovingly with his family and all of us lucky enough to have joined him in even a wee bit of his journey. Oh, Danny Boy, we'll miss you so. 

Kathy Chiodi-Goss

Kathleen Chiodi-Goss

Added on October 31, 2017
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Son Lachlan (placed by Aunt Cari

Thanks you so much for everything. With Dad, I could play sports which is half of my life. He was the foundation to the house, and I was the walls. He supported everything I did and helped me through it. He never put me down. He pushed me to do better and never said, “because you are new at this you can not do this.” He was the one that helped me stay in the air.

Aunt Cari (for Lachlan)

Added on October 30, 2017
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