Memory Book

Dear Joanne

Dear Joanne, I miss your beautiful smile and kind words! You were always so interesting to talk to because you knew about so many subjects, especially Religion and History.
I loved sharing our faith in God and our love for the Blessed Mother.
You never complained about your life and its hardships; rather you looked for ways to pray and cope as you looked forward to eternity. "Where shall we eat?" you would say - and off we would go to a dinner that you always treated us to!!! Then we would discuss politics, family and Religion. How did you know so much!!!! And you loved to laugh and have fun!
I miss you but I pray that you are with the Lord and Mary and of course Moira and John peace, contentment and Joy. I know you can see now and that makes me happy too!!!! Enjoy all the sights and colors ..... and flowers and faces that you can now perceive in the Heavenly realm! Oh I am so happy for you!!!
Maybe you could look up my mom and dad, Joe and Tess Will. You'd love them too.
Dear Joanne, I miss you but I understand that you have gone on to your reward. Please remember how much I loved and appreciated you and know I'm looking forward to seeing "My Dear Friend Joanne" again!!!!
God bless you!!!!
Love, Margie

Margie Vickers

Added on May 08, 2018
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Always a Mom

Joanne MacLellan was always like a mom to me. She was kind, caring and supportive especially during the time that my own mother had passed away. I will always remember her strong fortitude to carry on as well as her compassionate spirit. She will be sadly missed. Rest in peace, dear Joanne.

Karen Capone

Added on May 05, 2018
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Joanne was one of the kindest, most spiritual people I have ever met. She helped me with the pain of losing a child and she shared the most delightful stories about the Lalley family when I was doing genealogical research. She made them all come so alive. I loved her and will miss her. But as she told me about my son soon after he died: "He's seen it all now." And so has she--the glory and love of Almighty God whom I sure has made a ready place for her in his kingdom.


Added on May 03, 2018
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Giving Kind Generous Lady. I love you Mom

Mom, what can I say. You were always there for me. You gave me housing for 9 yrs when I was sick. You encouraged me and loved me. I love you Mom. You also loved everyone and prayed for everyone living and dead. I know when you passed Jesus and Mary were there to greet you as well as Dad, Moira and Johnny, I miss you so much. Remember we will be together one day. I LOVE YOU!

Judy MacLellan

Added on May 02, 2018
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