Memory Book

So Happy to Have Known Dan.

I first met Dan at Worship in the Woods at Fairview Lake YMCA Camp in Stillwater, NJ. He was one of the first people I met there.
It wasn't until the 2nd or 3rd year though that our friendship really began to blossom. We began to talk on the phone regularly and to have prayer together.
We started to give each other gifts each year at the Fairview Lake retreat. One year Dan gave us a peach tree! Another year two blueberry bushes.
One year at the retreat Amy and I were baptized together. Dan took a picture of us when we came up out of the water. Later he framed a large copy of the photo and decorated the frame with leaves, shells and butterflies and presented it to Amy and I as a wedding gift. It is one of the nicest gifts we've ever received. It is hanging over our bed.
Dan loved nature and walking in the woods. He liked simple things like tossing a ball around with friends. On the night before Amy and me got married, we were outside with Dan and Shlomo and our sons tossing around a ball that lighted up till late at night. It was so much fun!
Amy and I visited Dan and Mary in Upper Darby several times. We stayed over night. We played something called the UnGame with them and Bob Downs. There was no winners or losers in that game, but we had a great time.
Last summer Amy and I, and our daughter Emma, Dan and Mary took a train into Philly. We took our guitar and mandolin and had a picnic by the art museum. We sang praise and worship songs out there in the park and had a wonderful time.
I loved the hear Dan play his guitar and sing. He had a unique way of playing the guitar and he sang with deep conviction. Two songs he loved to sing were Holy, Holy, Holy and Oh How He Loves You and Me. I can hear it in my mind right now as I am typing. He also enjoyed playing the harmonica and tambourine. Amy and I, Dan and Mary had a beautiful worship service in their living room once. I'll never forget it.
I am writing long, but Dan was very VERY special to me.
I will miss his friendship and his prayers and encouragements very much.
Bill Kunsman

Will Kunsman

Added on April 17, 2018
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