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Memory of John Buss

I fondly remember sharing time with John where we live at Arbordeau, speaking with him as he worked diligently in the small basement storeroom where he set up a wood workshop. He would make Christmas gifts and birdhouses in there. I would hear him working and I would poke into the room to chat with him. He would show me all the things he was making and explain the equipment to me.

Sometimes, I would put the elevator on hold where we live and he loved to poke fun at me saying that when he saw the elevator was on hold he just knew it had to be me. We used to get a lot of laughs about that.

John lived a long and interesting life. He was born in Detroit in the 20's so he got to see that city in it's glory days. I went to school near there in the 70's and viewed it's decline. John served in WWII with high distinction winning the Silver Star and Purple Heart. But I will remember him most toiling away in that small workshop just like one of Santa's elves creating gifts for people. That alone is a legacy worth leaving.

Jeff Bernstein
5 Chamond
Devon ,PA

Jeffrey Bernstein

Added on October 03, 2018
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