Stephen Joseph Blake Stephen Joseph Blake Memorial

Born: November 29, 1987 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: June 22, 2018 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

Beloved son,brother,and father of 2

Grew up in a home with his father, mother and brother in upper darby pa.He was your average child loved to play always energetic,after his father passed when he was about 12 he started acting out getting in trouble more frequently had a difficult time expressing his emotions but still remained kind hearted.At about 15 or so he met a girl in school they started dating she was two years older than him,she ended up getting pregnant while they were still in school he turned 16 a day before the baby was born its a girl and by this point the mother is 18.They did there best to raise the child with all the help they could get.A few years pass and there having another baby its a little boy this time.The 2 children loved there father would always play or sit next to him and watch him write music, which he loved to do.He started getting into light drugs such as weed started drinking staying out late,it was getting harder for him to cope and it was noticable.while he was still a good father things started getting shaky between him and his girlfriend.The kids moved away with there mom,there were visits here and there not to many maybe 3 times a year usually birthdays and christmas.A few more years pass the daughter is now 15 the son 10 got a call from stephens mother saying he is in the hospital on life support and brain dead we should get up to the hospital as soon as possible for our last was around fathers day and he was missing his dad,he took his own life.Depression is a serious illness and at any signs should be taken serious,its nit something you can just get over,you can fight depression and you can win,just dont ever give up or give in life will get better i promise
Kylah Nixon on January 04, 2019