Larry Hagman Larry Hagman Memorial

Born: September 21, 1931
Died: November 23, 2012

Larry Hagman - Beloved American Film and Television Actor

Larry Hagman, beloved American film and television actor, passed on November 23, 2012 from complications due to cancer treatment. Hagman did extensive work in television and film, but was most popular for his roles in television series "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Dallas." Hagman played Air Force Captain Anthony Nelson in "I Dream of Jeannie" - Jeannie's television "master" and love interest. But Hagman's most iconic role was playing conniving businessman J.R. Ewing on the TV series "Dallas." Today, "Who shot J.R.?" is one of TV's most famous questions, and Hagman was nominated for numerous awards during his time on the series.

In his personal life, Larry Hagman was committed to activism and working with several key charities. He formed the Larry Hagman Foundation to help further his work in these key areas. The Larry Hagman Foundation promotes creative arts education for disadvantaged kids in Dallas-Fort Worth. Larry has also done work with the National Kidney Foundation, was passionate about promoting organ donation, and was working to promote green technology like solar panels. The Larry Hagman Foundation tagline is "Evil Does Good," and Hagman was always looking for opportunities to leverage his status as one of TV's favorite villains to give back to causes that were important to him. 

Professional/Service Organizations
  • The Larry Hagman Foundation, Dallas, Texas
Dachary Carey on November 30, 2012