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I met Richard through the PRP Support Group way back in 2002. His knowledge and support was so genuine, and based on "Science". Over the coarse of time we became friends, very long distance, me being in Oregon. He would often send copies of studies or reports regarding the PRP, and ask my humble opinions. As time passed, we would visit over the telephone, especially during football season. I would chide him about the Eagles. That became especially interesting when our College Football Coach, Chip Kelley left Oregon for the Eagles, that gave us something other than PRP to talk about. Richard also kept up with our College Sports. I learned of Richards devotion to Music. His preference to Tennis over other sports. He could be very humorous too. He gave me run downs of his travels in his "chair". Most of all he kept in touch, and I enjoyed our conversations. I last spoke via phone with Richard in December, it was slightly before Christmas. It was a different conversation. I sensed he was not doing well. He asked about my thoughts, and I shared. We left the conversation that I would get back to him in a week, his reply, that is fair enough, and we said goodbye. I haven't been able to reach him, and now I know why. He was a good friend. He helped me through a difficult time, we supported each other. I am so sorry to learn of his death. I as well as many others are going to miss Richard.
My Sincere Sympathy and Empathy to his family and his friends.

Lovingly, Lorna Roberts

Lorna Roberts

Added on February 06, 2020
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To the family of Richard Greene. I am so sorry to know that Richard is no longer here with us. I would see Richard as I walked my son to Wm Penn Charter School many years ago and was determined to get this man to smile when I said good morning...eventually he did and we became friends. He was a unique and special person and I smile just thinking of him. You are in my thoughts. Sincerely, Henrietta.


Added on February 05, 2020
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