Memory Book

Cousin JUDY

Henrietta and i...would talk monthly. Once a month i would send her clippings, of BLACK HISTORY. She would pass them , to her pastor for display. I've forgotten the name of her ⛪ church. Cause i would have, continued to, pass the black history along. I live in Buffalo, New York. I miss and love you Henrietta . jpostelle

Judith postelle

Added on August 27, 2021
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To Brazelton family. I will miss grandmom Henrietta that what we call her as we work together at her last employment with working with children. We would have the children love learning and laughing. And I would talk to her from time to time and she still remember the children's name more than I did. She had a stronger memory than I did and I am younger, and we would laugh about and about the commercials. I Love her and we will miss her. Miss V

Victoria Ryan

Added on May 05, 2021
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