Memory Book

It's been a year today, there are so many things left undone, places I wanted to go, and so many memories we will miss out on, but just know that we think of you always and you will not be forgotten. Pops is staying with me now and we often tell stories of when you were with us. We laugh and we cry, I feel comfort that he's with me, to know he's okay. I know that was part of your reason for coming back home. Love and miss you brother, until we meet again.


Added on July 13, 2022
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Can't believe your gone

When we said goodbye, I never would've imagined it's the last time I'd see you. The last time I'd feel the peace that came with your embrace. I'll never forget how you said you always smile in my presence and that's not something you normally do. I'd do anything, in my power, to see you smile. Love you Josh.


Added on April 13, 2022
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