Edward Joshua Stout Edward Joshua Stout Memorial

Born: September 21, 1977 in Palmyra , Pennsylvania, USA
Died: May 03, 2022 in Bristol , Pennsylvania, USA

A great life taken to soon

My brother Eddie was a great guy who was always taken advantage of he was molested as a child by our father Kurt Leon Stout. Falsely arrested for domestic violence by his ex girlfriend and forced to do a year at the Broome County Jail. My brother was under police investigation Accused of homicide of his recent girlfriend Angela Kelly of 100 Roberts Street Binghamton NY building 9 apartment 2. When everyone knows that my brothers ex girlfriend is the one that had his love of his life murdered out of jealousy and she got away with it. I know my brothers ex girlfriend hired someone to murder his girlfriend because she wanted her to disappear and has the connections with people to make it happen. Then they find my brother dear after a vehicular hit and run I know she set that up because she's vindictive like that she doesn't care who does if they hurt her or her family. My brother didn't deserve this he was just doing his job as her concervator when he got her arrested until they could civilly commit her in the hospital. He loved Angela Kelly and she hated that with a passion that's why she had to rip her from his life.then when that didn't make her happy she decided to have my brother murdered also. Rip brother we will avenge your death.
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Robert Fulmer on May 04, 2022