Memory Book

Your Son Ron

I just wanted to say thank you Dad. Thank you for being there for me as you always were in my life. Thank you for wanting to be my Dad and for taking the time to not only be my Dad but be my friend. When I was only a young boy I was given a big decision for a little fellow. I could stay here in Oregon with you and my mother or leave and go back with my sister Sharon and live in Virginia with my birth father. No disrespect to my father Howard I choose to stay here with you and my Mother Audrey. As it turned out that was a decision I would not know for sometime that would change me and my life forever. We did not have much money and I remember not even having a bedroom and I slept on a folding cot. But somehow nothing mattered except being with you and Mom. Mom was pregnant with my little brother Erick and I found this to be very interesting for a little boy. I had a million questions and you answered everyone with thought and love for a little kid that you were still learning about and how to be a father to. I would learn as I got older how your life as a boy was far from the wonderful exciting loving life you showed me. The way your stepfather was quite the opposite of you. In spite of all you endured as a child you were not only loving, giving, and caring but you were also a friend and a person I could go to with anything that was on my mind or a problem I needed help with. This would continue into my adult life and throughout our relationship. Saying goodbye is hard but I will always remember something that you said to me when I was just a little guy and I lost a pet and I cried. You asked me "why are you crying?" well I said "because my pet was gone" and I was sad. You told me "are you crying for the pet you lost or are you crying for yourself?" well as I got older that made a lot of sense to me. As always you could really put things in perspective. As I say goodbye to you for the last time I will not cry I will remember my great life with you and how much you gave of yourself to make my life a really wonderful one and how much I loved having you as my Dad. I love Dad and will never forget our time we had as father and son. Your son Little Ron!!

Ron Manning

Added on January 22, 2015
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