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Memorial Service for our son Christopher Buoniconti.

The memorial service for our Son Christopher will be at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia at 13500 Philmont Ave. Phila, Pa. on Sat. July 27th., 11:00 am for receiving, service will be at 12:00 noon. All family and friends are welcome.

Gayle Buoniconti

Added on July 23, 2019
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I am deeply saddened by the loss of Chris and wish his family and friends my condolences at this time. I distinctly remember spending many summer days and nights with Chris and the other neighborhood kids growing up. As Gary mentioned we spent countless hours playing man hunt, fishing, riding bikes etc. He always had a soft heart and a smile on his face. I can still think of him and feel the spirit of a kind and giving person. Time moves so quickly, but I remember these times like it was yesterday. I hope you have found peace old friend.
Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Added on July 17, 2019
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My bestfriend 😔

I still remember all the times you use to play hide and seek and I would go hide in the dryer and you would threaten to turn it on and I’d start to freak out. I still remember the times we use to fight you would break the heads off my barbies and I’d throw your stuff down the toilet lol .Or the time you and Gary would make me watch scary movies at the age of 6 and than hide in my room and scare me and make me sleep with my parents till the age of 8 lol 😂 I still remember we use to go to the park and sit there and drink and think about all our problems and tell each other that we never be apart and that you’d beat anyone up for me if they broke my heart /:. There’s so many memories that I have with you Chris and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t have been there for you like how we use to be. I love you so much and it kills me that you are gone. You were more than just a brother to me. I love you forever bestfriend atleast now I know your pain that you were feeling is gone and your at peace now.


Added on July 10, 2019
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We are deeply saddened by the lose of
Chris. May he rest in peace.
The Fontaine Family


Added on July 09, 2019
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My Little Brother

What can I say...?
My brothers heart was always family first. He loved the Eagles and got to see a Super Bowl win too. I remember the day he was brought into the world, moving from one state to another, moving into a new home, calling him names (hoot) and he hated it, meeting new kids in a neighborhood, going to a new school together, the days of going in the woods, riding bikes, playing sports at the park, manhunt at-night, laser tag, swimming in our pool, doing chores, cooking together, Disney Vacation, eating nasty liver together, babysitting him, laying on the floor and watching TV (switching the channels for my parents), going to my uncles the one summer, seeing my sister born and helping out together, moving into my apartment, playing video games together, helping me move, going deep sea fishing with dad, going to hockey games together, and soo much more he was there for me.
I will forever miss you little bro. It is soo hard for me to say good bye. I know you’re at peace now. I will always love you. XoXoXo

Gary P. Buoniconti II

Added on July 08, 2019
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